Hei på dere,

Jeg skal være kort i denne mail da jeg er meget opptatt med å lage youtube
videoer og pressentasjoner.

I stedet for å skrive litt om meg selv så limer jeg in ting her uten å ta
hensyn til om det er sortert eller ei.

Jeg limer det in slik det er så får dere ta deres egne konklusjoner og
eventulet om materialet er interessagt så får dere oversette og sortere
dette selv!

Sammens med alt er det en del notater og rettnings documenter (Doc used for
spell correction before used at utube)

Her er et Science forum, jeg er global moderator ved dette sted
http://www.cavetronics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=101&t=388 & nederst på
siden her http://www.cavetronics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=31 Vi
forsker hovedsaklig på Over Unity og har gjort det meget lenge. Jeg er
Loophead på dette forumet. Loophead står for at jeg kan loope en maskin slik
at den går av seg selv. Her har vi medlemer slik som den legendariske John
K. Hutchison som er Grandpa for all overflate antigravity.
Vet ikke om dere har sett en av mine videoer på OU? Men her er en:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_vkjoLfQAM I videoen er vi nesten opp i 6KW
med overskudds energi. En annen video laget i dag!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FinSj_jId2U og jeg bruker med vilje USA slang
og utrykk når jeg snakker for det gjør at USA ungdommer kan tenke at han som
snakker er cuul! Det fremfor at de skal tenke at jeg er nuts!

Og her noe jeg skrev for noen år siden lenge siden: (Dette er en extended
utgave og bassert på hoved notatet mitt skrevet runt om 2001)

My name is RDM  and I am 38 years old and live in far North

I am a Over Unity R&D dude and has been R&D into the Over Unity (OU) areas
for about 15 years.

I also in wery young age interacted with aliens and that has continiued all
my life, even so I dont se them to ofthen, and I don't know when they will
se me next time. When I mean interacted; means eater in real person to
person or telephatic terms. They also have transfeared real 3D movies into
my head showing new increddible ideas of devices in the mechanical areas.
I would love to be on your show to tell people about my storry with also can
be werified as true.

I am to day a part of a R&D OU group and we are now over 950 members world

We have WORKING OVER UNITY DEVICES that can be shown to any public domain
that is interested.

We have been trying to get out OU onto the marked for years, we have kept a
low profile due to the fakt that we know that this is danger stuff to do, so
its not easy to do and we may need some help to do it.

The current Oil industry world wide is huge, even I don't know the numbers I
know that the oil industry is multi trillion usd a year, no human life is
worth that much to anyone so therefore we know that we are in danger right
away when we scream to much about this in media.

However the danger sones is mostly outside Norway and I feel safer here than
most of the rest OU R&D team members, even so... Here as well I don't dare
to be to much in media.

I also think that I shall give you some short telling about my life (life
storry) so here it comes:

Some people know, some don't. Some believe some don't...And most of the
earth human believe in God... A tool that governments use for brain
"corrupt" your heads. So why is there so many people like this? Primitive?
Stupid? or just non Logical? Evolution here on earth is up at good speeds
but there are a lot of pepole that hung afther a lot and thats why they are
here, they are trying to help us evolve. Most of the time we can't se them
becos they got a force field around the beam ship that makes the crafts

Why won't they show up in real? They know that the time is not jet there,
and why? There are a lot of Humans on this planet that believe in God and
they know that it's not only a believe system, its also a way of life and if
they show up they know that these people (millions of people) will kill them
selfes if they get to know that theyr believe system(s) is just based on
BUL*S**T and a missunderstanding by primitive people 2000+ years ago.

As time go, more and more pepole believes in IFAFO Identified Alien Flying
Object. UFO word made to get your head spin! Its a psycological made term,
ment and made by governments to get people to think diffrent, its a head
spin with is endless in a way of telling that even if you know you saw
aliens you still will use the term UFO with means udentified flying object,
well if I saw aliens I would not use that therm I would say that it is a
beam ship and stop using UFO.

Sounds stupid; I saw a UFO and I did se Aliens come out of the UFO! I se
many write it that way and it sounds not wery good, or what? UFO term was a
hit by governments and work dam good, even so many years after.

I have newer seen a UFO, but I have seen Beam Ship(s) and seen real aliens
with happen to look like us. 27/01-1984, I was 14 years old at the time; It
was winter time in Norway, a lot of snow and it was -15 degrees celsius. The
sky was clear and all stars visible, as I get closer to home I am on my way
up a smal road that is made only for walking on, its in a hillside close to
a big sand group or sand take, its a good place all go to for get sand for
whatever usage.

As I am walking up this hillside I hear a wery strange sound, a sound I
newer have heard before.

From where I am I can se the road clear in all directions, I can't se a car,
can't se anyting moving anywhere, I look around, the strange sound is still
there and I haven't a clue about where it comes from and for some reason I
look up to the stars and I can se a satelite up there moving with constant
speed, I look that for some short time, the sound is still there, like it is
around me but at the same time not, wery strange osiolation, wery high
resonance, wery much like someting that can't be made by any computer or
what ever even to day.

So I stand there looking at the satelite, don't understand jacks**t and
don't know what a f**k is going on.

Little by little I getting tired of stand there in the cold winter evening
and almost to lose interest of the whole experience.

Then I noted a glowing ball of light on the left montain range here, here
there is like a walley with high montain ranges that is about 5 kilometers
or so apart, this montain range form a deep walley that I live inside here
in Norway.

It stops for a litte time, I guess max 5 sec or so (this is over 20 years
ago so to be wery correct about it is almost impossible) and then it suprice
me so much it blows my brain out! It acelrate like a bullet from a rifle gun
and in less than some 5-8 sec its traveled from the montain range where it
did come "out" from and to the otter side of the walley (the otter montain
range) and stops like a bullet hiting a buldoser a little before it would
have disapeared if continiued.

It stands there for a bit still without moving, at this time I cant hear any
sound, the sound did go away right at the point where the thing did

It stands still there some secounds before it is moving more away from me
and into or over the montain so I cant se it anymore, then it stays away
form my sight of view for about 5 sec and when I se it agen it comes in an
increddible speed, its so dam fast that I realy have a hard time keep track
of it.

And then stop in the middle of the montain ranges, agen like it hit a
buldoser and it stops about at the same spot as I did se the satelite at
first, now I aslo look at the right montain range and I can se the satelite
is almost to get out of sight.

I look back to the glowing ball of light and when I do it does a Zap!!

What I mean with that is that it takes a wery fast angeled turn and stopp a
lot much closer to me than ever before.

Standing still for some time and now I can hear the sound agen, wery high
resonance and ups and down's in the sound. For some reason I don't know, it
does not freak me out and I am more interessted in this than I am afraid of

Whatever I did think at the time, it for sure had get my attention and I
believe strongly that that was the point of doing all this fast as a bullet,
stops like a bullet hit a buldoser and so on, it was ment for get my

Not long after the ting did do a Zap as I like to call it, the light ball
starts to move quickly towards me and I can se it gets big fast.

When the ting stops its 25 meters or so over my head and a little away from
me in an angle of about 35degree in north direction from me and just over
the sand take where people get sand for whatever reasons.

It desent slowly, the sound goes more and more away, there are a force field
around the craft that feels wery strange to me, its feels like it wants to
push me gently away from it.

About 5 meters over the ground where it desends the glow stops and I can se
3 telescoope landing gear go out, in the end of this telescoope sylinder
there are disks with has a diameter of about 60-70cm.

In this act at the same time as the ship becomes visible and as it desends
more and more, at about 3 meters or so before it lands and the ship becomes
more and more non transparang, I can se a human being walk towards me and I
want to tell you all guys here that at first she was not visible and I
basically did se right tru here, yes it was a female, wery beutiful, 165cm
tall, blonde hair, blue wonderfull eyes. I believe that this was Semjase.

At 5 meters form me she are 100% non transparang and says to me don't be
afraid, and thats when I pee my pans and thats the last ting I remember
there at the time back in 1984.

And then sudenly I am standing with my dick in my hand and I am peeing so
there are a time differece here that I did not understand before at least
16-17 years later, they have been kind to me and have taken me back to a
time before it all happened so I can pee normaly and so I don't need to be
weet in my pans when going home.

A paradox that has taken me all my adult life to understand.

I now do close to fully understand how time travel is possible, be cos I
been thinking about it all my life and tryed to find solutions for why or
how it is possible. The key factors is resonance!

You only need the technological device that can do resonance shift and if
you know the resonance of last year you can resonance your self to that
time. (follow a seratin finematter energy)

We humans and all living tings and non living tings and planets and it all
is noting more than energy or if you will, we resonance with a growing
resonance due to stronger and stronger wisdom in the spirirual form.

By the way I forgot to say the time for this event, the time was about
20:17-20:18 Norwegian time at 27.02.84.

Later that year at time 14:05, at date 05.05.84, it was a sunny day, all
snow had gone away 3 weeks ago and I did have free from school so I spendt
all day in the sun bed outside mom/dad house and I fall a sleep there in the
sun bed.

I wake up wery like in a shock state, almost like someone had ice cold water
on me and this happened at 14:05 and the why for why I know that is that I
did write it down and why did I? Well at 14:05 I wake up so fast and I was
out of the sun bed so fast that I can't believe it to day, must have been
meters over the gras matt before landing!

I invented my first combustion engine at 14:05 and that I did when I sleep
and thats why I wake so dam fast becos I got this running motor in my head
in true video motion with al the correct colors.

I did se al parts of the engine move as it would in real, i did se in my own
head a complete engine runing and there was even sound to it, i did "hear"
it running.

I was 14 years old and yes I been interessted in engines from before I was 3
years old and I did build my first electric engine of carpenter spikes when
I was 5 years old and i did use a bullet shell as a communicator and it did
work good.

But it's even for me wery increddible that it is possible for a 14 years old
boy to invent in sleep a wery advanced combustion engine, I also find that
increddible, not only my familly and many friends as well, I do to find it
increddible, and I am not cute sure whats going on here about that part, is
it a invention sent by the aliens to me as a training prodject! Well I don't
know for sure and I guess I might newer find out, however more than 16 years
later or even 18 years later I found out just by luck on the Discovery
channel (TV was on by luck) someting wery interessting to me...

A program there about aliens... At exactly time 14:05 in 05.05.1984 a USA
military satelite gets activated and filming a glowing ball of light that
sweeps inside the earths gravity fields over the area Norway - Sibir, the
film last for about 60 sec and it is filmed for about 60 sec before it goes
out in deep space with great speeds.

It is told on the Discovery channel that this glowing ball of light is
actually inside the grip of earths gravity field when it does a slow arc and
stays inside the gravity field for a long period of time and the time is
14:05 when it happens.

If it was a big asteroide or whatever like that it would have been draged in
by the gravity and a stone can't do a loop inside the gravity of earth and
then go back from where it come from.

Noting can do that as we know it. And I am not saying that aliens gave me a
combustion engine as a idea for get me on those training weels in the
machanical area but I wonder about that and I been wondering about that for
all my life.

If they gave me this engine they for sure did it only to train me becos they
did know me by studdy me and they did know that this engine will save my
life becos I did realy have a lot of troble in school so I wanted to kill my
self at the time so they saved my life by give that idea to me becos they
did know I was absolutley crazy about engines.

If it is true or not I will newer know but this engine invention saved my
life, i did put away the shot gun and i did stop put the shot gun up in my
month every morning.

So whatever the aliens or not, the engine invention saved my life and I am
glad it did becos now later in life I invented a Over Unity generator and
life goes on.

Someone did steal my engine or rip it out of my house and sold it for
millions of Norwegain krona to someone and this was 6-7 years ago and I did
get bad people after my ass trying to break me down so I can't come afther
them, the good thing with all that was that I totaly shanged my self from
combustion engine freak to Over Unity Generator freak.

Now its only OU that I think of and I have sayd good bye to all what so ever
that has to do with combustion tech.

The dam stolen 24 years old engine invention that I probaly have used more
than 40000 hours on in development and thinking and drawing was the main key
to my training in the mechanical field and that alone has lead to a wery
good knowleadge in the machanical field and its no question about it, my OU
Generator inventoin is a invention that I do not even is close to have
invented if it has not been for mechanical training on that engine and on
otter engine inventions as well.

So it might be possible that the agenda for the aliens to take contact with
me so young was that they did know by travel in time that I will invent
someting that can save the planet later in life and now I have the wisdoom
and the power to save the planet slowly and start production of Over Unity
systems with most people think is impossible but its no strange that people
thinks it is impossible, they been brain spinned by the oil companies.

Now later in life I have gained memory that probaly was programed to be
remembered later in life and I do remember siting inside that Beamship and I
do remember that they prepared to do a hyperjump with is neseseary to travel
lightyears in a blink of a eye.

I remember that the screen inside the craft becos they turned it on and it
did show up 380degree around so it was a wide screen so u can se right out
the ship and se the universe anyway you looked.

I do remember that the stars come faster and faster towards me to the screen
was just all withe and then the screen become yellow and then blue and then
gold and then withe and then agen and then less and less withe and then i se
the stars slowing down with means that the craft slowed more and more down,
they had just made a hyper jump and the hyper jump was 460 lightyears long
and it did take just about one secound from the prosess/beginning to the end
of the prosess.

To do this they have 2 drive systems with is wery advanced, however I know
how these works and I would be able to reproduce these systems easy if I did
have unlimitied with money. Me and a R&D team are comming together for start
produce OU to the world this year and plans are already made for build a
replica of the Beamship that i was inside only 14 years old.

And that Beamship is as well the same type Beamship ("The Sport Modell")
that Bob Lazar have been working on for many years when he was hired by the

(jeg har forandret oppfattning og mener nå at den sportsmodellen er the Arch
from the bible)

Thats why you se Zeta people on the operating boards and thats why the Alien
interview now al over the net is the look of the Zeta's.

The Zeta Reticuli have grey skin and the reason for that is that the blood
do not have iron as we have, they have copper in theyr blood and there is
one animal here on this planet that has that.

(dette er ikke min sluttfattelige oppfattning selv om det kan vel være at
det er slik, skrev dette for å få folk til å tenke)
However the Zeta Reticuli race orginated from a grey Delphine race that look
wery simular to this planets Delphine.
(dette nedenfor er jeg usikker på, det bare "spratt" ut av hodet mitt)
We came al from the animal kingdom however the idiots here on this planet
think we come from the apes, that is simply not true we did not come from
this planet at al, we did come from part Lyrians, Wega and Pleiads, these
are the ansisters to us so therefore we are the alien to this planet and the
orginal people that evolved here died out becos wars going on betwhen the
Wegas and the Lyra people long time ago.

The Lyra people is to day the Pleiads, now there are no pepole living in
lyra becos they moved to the seven sisters (pleiads) becos the lyra planet
was destroyed.

The human races here on this planet come from the fact that the Pleiads
transported war criminals to this planet long time ago they used this planet
as a prison and what happened was that they was left here and forgotten
about and then by the years they become wery primitive.
(Telepatisk + visuel kontakt 2 ganger og en gang mener jeg å ha sett
Erranianere + Jeg har et bilde i mitt hode hvor jeg mener jeg er på Erra da
jeg kjenner igjen de 3 som står ikke så lant unna meg)
To this day I have had contact with the pleiads 3 times and last time was
when i did go a spesical school in Serbia for Inventors only and this was in

When I was in Gornovac one day and eat good food at the Norwegian/Serbian
friend house I did look out on the gras matt and for some 10 sec they showed
me the large'st Beamship I ever seen it was about 100 meters in diameter and
it was only needed for me to walk 6 meters to put my hand on it, they did
show me that they are here and they support me in what I do and to comfort
me and make me feel sure that what happened when I was 14 years old was not

I se that the craft's shield gets of and there comes a wave and along this
wave I can se the craft's metal as it goes around the craft.

It was HUGE and it was invissible for the human eye but for only 10 sec I
did se the most amazing ting I ever seen in my life, then come a new wave
like those u se on a hot road in a sunny day and then the ship goes away and
when it was gone it hurt like hell on my legg and I did not understand what
it was, but i did sheck it out 15 min later and guess what there was burned
in a alien "signature" on my leg that did look like a beamship and that they
did this was to prove to me that what I have seen was real.

When i did se this craft my smile was so big that it did go all the way up
to my ears and I was so happy to se them agen and to know that they support
my work to try save the planet, becos I was going that school in Serbia to
learn how to be a better inventor and as well learn how to run a company and
marketing my inventions.

And it did help me a lot I invented a OU generator just short time afther I
got home form that school. I do want to tell this storry fully out but for
those wo want the full storry will need to wait to the movie is finnished,
the movie about my life and all that comes with it, aliens, time travel and
so on.

My marketing professional that will marked my OU devices happens to have
worked in the movie industry and helped marked and as well made the
Terminator movies and Ace Ventura movies so I have the easy way into
Hollywood and a movie will be made with as well will explain how it is
possible to travel faster than light and how you can do time travel and so
on, it will be a wery amazing movie and it will be the true storry about the
universe and al there in.