Message to Tor from representative 37Zku95c Velnloch representing the Sirius Hierarchy.


The Sirius Hierarky consist of a multidimensional federation of several civilizations within the Sirius system. The Sirius alliance is ruled after a pyramided type of hierarchy with the person with greatest spiritual development at the top. In addition to this there also is a council consisting of 12 members who are unhierarchic organized. The Sirius alliance has incarnation filtering who enables selection to the

souls who want to incarnate within the alliance. The Sirius alliance are an important part of the galactic confederation. The Pleiades is

also members of this galactic confederation. The galactic council has in the past decided that unfinished planetary civilizations in the

galactic sector who hosts Earth, are under main surveillance by the Sirius hierarchy. The past history of Earth is so special that other galactic civilizations besides the Sirians shall have influence on Earth matters. The Sirius hierarchy must be consulted before any direct

interfere is made to the present Earth civilization. The Sirius alliance consists of individuals who appearance differs among a broad scale. Some of this individual look like Earth humans and others do not. There are more stars within the Sirius system than the 2 who can be observed from your physical plane. This stars exists within another dimension of reality and are therefore invisible seen from your physical plane. We have been aware of the E-mail you has sent to some Earth politicians and have the following comments:


1. The Sirius alliance has never been involved in programs which goal is

to deliberate manipulate the Earth civilisation. The Sirius hierarchy don't wish the Earth civilisation to be deceived. The Sirius hierarchy is for a program that shall prove the existence of the extraterrestrials to the Earth population by massive demonstrations of fly by space ships in the Earth atmosphere followed by a mass landing.

The galactic council has opposed this program so it has not been put to action. If the galactic council had supported this program, the dark forces working on the Earth would have been exposed in the mid 90s when it was planned to carry out this program.


2. Colin Powel is not a Sirian, but a Pleiadian walk in (Not from planet Erra).


3. The sirius hierarchy has never supported a third world war on the Earth, and we don´t support the Iraq policy carried out by George W Bush.


4. It's correct that the ancient Egypt culture was inspired by us.

All the pharaohs with long sculls was of Sirian heritage with Sirian genetic structures. Agnation was a Sirian. The same was Nephritis with others in the Egyptian culture. We can tell you that the Danish philosopher Matinus was incarnated from the Sirius system. By living people we can say that the English pop singer Kate Bush and the Norwegian UFO researcher Knut Åsheim are incarnated from the Sirius system.


5. After our opinion it's influences from the remaining parts of the Orion empire in addition to influences from Pleiadian renegate groups with an old way of thinking ("negative annuakies") that supports dark forces on the Earth now. The biggest problem is of course among your own scientists and military societies.


6. It's probably a factor of time before G.W Bush attacks Iraq. This can lead to a third world war. This is closely monitored by other galactic civilizations. If he tries to invade Egypt it's a big possibility that

we have to interfere in order to protect the galactic items hidden in

the Giza aria. In this case he can meet resistance from landed galactic troops.


7. The United Nations can ask for help directly from other galactic civilizations if the organisation is unable to control G.W Bush invasions an conquering of other countries.