1. From the galactic confederation Erranian section

A survey over a possible future situation on Earth and a retrospect on the past situation.

As known, Earth has been subject for attention from several cosmic civilisations through history. This has also imprinted civilisations that live on Earth today. Earth form a part of important plans certain negative civilisations have concerning their wish of future dominance in the galaxy. These use several methods to influence Earth for their purposes. The philosophy of life in these civilisations is often strong atheistic, deterministic and materialistic. The negative civilisations are using scientific prestige combined with a special direction within economical thinking to influence the collective consciousness on Earth. Their purpose is a strong hierarchical built form of society with a strong materialistic ground attitude philosophy of life, and an expansionistic out-turned politic that presuppose continuous "economic" growth based on exploitation of natural recourses on Earth and else in the universe. To be able to maintain such a civilisation on long term it is compelled to expand outwards in the galaxy and take recourses on other planets. In older times it did exist such an imperium in the galaxy based on these ground ideas. However, this was stroked back by a confederation of different other civilisations in cosmos. As said; the ground thought to such a civilisation is strong materialistic, and do often have the focus that everything is matter. They have a one-life perspective based on this way of thinking. In consequence they brush aside higher spiritual truths and everything that has connection to these. Therefore, their one-dimensional world picture defines itself the border that their technology will butt against. Unfortunately for the people of earth your science have been inspired and steered by this view. These negative elements try to control the population of earth by means of economic tools in combination with chemical medical science. It has been, and is continuing, very much research on chemicals and gene manipulated organisms that can influence peoples attitudes and feelings. All out from a pure materialistic world understanding. Inside more secret environments of science they are also doing research on electromagnetic mind-control. To make a far-reaching positive change to happen in your civilisation, the foundation of the world picture of your science have to be changed away from the materialistic mal to a form that includes the higher spiritual principles and the multidimensionality of the universe. The "professional" environment in your scientific institutions is often everything else than democratic, and founds themselves nearly on a fascistic foundation of ideas. This was expressed, among other thing, as ideas among doctors in the 1930ís about that one should "exterminate" persons with "genetic" weaknesses (so called eugenics / racial hygiene). These were ideas that Hitler, among others, made use of in his idea foundation, and the world know how that went. Unfortunately is not the ground attitude in several of your scientific environment changed essential since then. The science you call psychology is permeated, among other things, by these ideas, and act as an inquisition tool for the materialistic model of thinking as your science is ruled along. Your future thematic scientists uses this way of thinking as their bases when they try to see what kind of technology you will get in the future. Things as anti gravitation and teleportation are therefore not included in their visions. The negative forces are among other things inspiring people to develop strong violent and war focused computer games which among other thing is simulating use of advanced weapon systems onboard in spaceships. The scenario in such games is often that one shall fight against certain extraterrestrial civilisations that in one or another way are threatening earth. This is completely deliberate inculcated into your civilisation from other negative galactic civilisations that wishes influential power by weapons in the galaxy. The truth is that a person that have trained on such simulation games, can be put directly into a war spaceship and will be able to master it fully after about one weak of training. This because of all his basic reflexes to operate the weapon system of a spaceship of war in a battle situation already is drilled. The negative civilisations have plans to use these persons in a future galactic conflict. Because of things that are mentioned here, your civilisation has been unnecessary retarded both technically and spiritually. Several inventions that really could help your civilisation have thus been suppressed. We have also stopped some inventions, because misuse of these could have gotten to huge negative consequences, both for your civilisation and for other civilisations in the universe. This has as a rule been things and systems that originally was meant used in connection to weapons and tools for general suppression of the population. We have also inspired to development of new technology. This is primarily with information technology and data. We have not stopped all inventions that base upon utilization of free energy, or utilization of anti-gravitation. Negative forces in your own scientific environment and military force have done that. What development would have found place in your civilisation if your science did not have a suppressing attitude? Around 1920 you would probably have anti gravitation. In consequence your aeroplane technology that is dominating in your world today would not have been developed. The automobile (car) would gotten minimal spreading and would be historic around 1950 by then everybody would have cheap anti gravitation vehicles that was driven by free energy. Asphalt would not have been used, and your roads would have been limited for walks and bicycling. Around 1930 you would have had electrical power stations based on free energy. Oil, coal and nuclear power based energy production would not have been developed. It had just been a few oil companies that produced oil for use in plastic that would have been developed. Around 1948 every home would have their own electricity aggregates, so that long power lines in nature would have been avoided. It is not fore sure that nuclear power systems would have been developed on your planet at all. That is if Tesla had obtained full through-punch for his ideas, when you in that case would have energy enough. On that point of time you sat the foot on the moon 1969 you would probably have developed space travel advanced enough to reach my home planet Erra. That would mean you would have had interstellar space travel already in 1967. Around 1973 you would have developed electronic and other components that was advanced enough that you could take use of teleportation as transport form internally on your planet. Around 1980 your space travel would have developed so much that you could reach other galaxies. Your world would have been clean and without those climate, atmosphere and ozone problems you are facing now. All this you failed to obtain because you let yourself be ruled by power sick and materialistic scientists and militaries. Those who really should be sent to your court in Haag charged for criminal acts against humanity is exactly those individuals within science and military which is responsible for the present way of thinking and suppressions in connection to this. We will not accept that the cultures you have created until now without control are spread into the galaxy, possibly in cooperation with other civilisations with a negative imperialistic agenda. We will therefore intervene before that happens. We from the erranian side supports fully Steven Greerís disclosure project. This is because this project has the potential to change the course your civilisation is heading against, which we would like to be different. If the project meets total ignorance in media we are tempted to use our technology to influence the right persons in media so the message gets to the public.


Channelling received by Tore  6. August 2001 from Semjase.

Translated from Norwegian by Tor  24.november 2002. Iím sorry if some sentences are norw-english.