Kanalisering November 2008


In fear of making a conscious choice lies the resistance.

Do not fear your power to create because it is your true essence. The resistance will remain from your lack of self belief.

Your conscious choice is your power tool for manifestation. Dear to be conscious in your choices, therein lies your freedom, your souls purpose on earth.

A conscious choice of belief. Unity of consciousness leads to a leap in the human evolution.

Dear to dream your wildest dreams only to experience the coming of reality by your conscious choice.

Human evolution rests on a conscious choice of a spiritual pathway.

A choice of spiritual growth leads to a universal expansion and therefore multiple realities and experiences that supports the truth of the universal expansion.

Your race is a growing collective soul.

When each body form comes together in oneness of the soul there is a universal expansion of reality.

These truths are a part of the essence of the creation.

You are no other than us and we have come back time after time to reawaken your soul to this truth.

Dear to dream the dream, because you are the creators of the reality of your choices.


In service of all....   Channelled from Tatjana